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The Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying, long-term jobs. The ETP was created in 1982 by the California State Legislature and is funded by California employers through a special payroll tax. The ETP is a funding agency not a training agency.

The Employment Training Panel provides financial assistance to California businesses to support customized worker training to:

• Attract and retain businesses that contribute to a healthy California economy

• Provide workers with secure jobs that pay good wages and have opportunities for advancement

• Assist employers to successfully compete in the global economy and promote the benefits and ongoing investment of training among employers.

Who's Eligible?
Under its core program, ETP can only fund training for employers that are subject to paying the Employment Training Tax. The core-funded ETP Program is supported by this tax.

• Single Employers subject to the Unemployment Insurance tax and having a California Employer Account Number (CEAN) with a prefix of 699 or lower.

• Groups of Employers, including Chambers of Commerce, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees, Trade Associations or Economic Development Corporations.

• Training Agencies include the following educational institutions:

• Community College or Community College District;
• University or University foundations;
• Adult School
• Regional Occupational Program

• Private training agency with at least a two year history of providing training and placement services to the public, and appropriate certification


ETP funds training for currently employed (incumbent) workers and individuals who are unemployed at the start of training.


Retraining for Incumbent Workers

ETP is unique among job training programs in that funds can be used to retrain incumbent workers. In general, to qualify for retraining funds a company must demonstrate that the jobs to be retrained are threatened by out-of state competition.

A company primarily engaged in manufacturing is automatically eligible under the out-of-state competition provisions. A company also faces out-of-state competition if the company provides a service sold outside of California or provides services sold inside California that competes directly with the providers of the same service located outside of California. For more information on out-of-state competition please review the Regulations Section 4416.

If there is no direct out-of-state competition for your company, you may still qualify under the Special Employment Training Program provisions.

What is a Retrainee?

Retrainees are incumbent workers who meet any one of the following criteria: 1) workers employed full-time for a minimum of 90 days with a single employer, and are participants in the training program; 2) workers who have been employed for less than 90 days with their current employer and have a work history of being employed for at least an average of 20 hours per week for at least 90 days by an ETP eligible employer(s) during the 180 day period preceding their current hire date; 3) workers who were employed less than 90 days prior to the start date of employment with their current employer and were collecting Unemployment Insurance (U.I.) benefits, or had exhausted their benefits within the previous two years.

New Hire Training for Unemployed Workers

Multiple employer contractors, including training agencies (public and private), Workforce Development Boards (WDBs), and Workforce Investment Act Grant Recipients may provide training and placement services to unemployed workers with ETP's new-hire training program.

What is a New Hire Trainee?

New hire trainees are unemployed at the start of ETP-funded training and are receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits at the time of hire, or have exhausted their benefits within the previous 24 month period. Workers who have received a layoff notice from their employer are also eligible for these training projects.

Priority Programs


Newly Hired Training for Unemployed Workers

In order to reduce the unemployment numbers your company can be reimbursed at a greater rate by hiring anyone receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits at the time of hire, or have exhausted their benefits within the previous 24 month period.

Special Needs Employment Training

The special needs program assists anyone who has a barrier to employment.

Veterans Hiring and Training

Veterans and members of the California National Guard need the necessary skills to enter the workforce and improves their opportunities for advancement in high wage, secure jobs and your company can earn a higher rate if you hire veterans.

Ex Offender / Youth at Risk

It is in everyone’s interests that people are let out in better shape than they were when they were incarcerated. Employers are encouraged to hire through funding.


Homeless need the most help and employers are reimbursed at a higher rate for all of these special needs.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship training programs increase career opportunities for Californians while meeting employers needs for skilled workers that help to grow businesses.

Entrepreneur Programs

Entrepreneur Programs are available to encourage small business startups, job creation and growth.