Understanding The Program

Our Development and Management fees are paid by the State of California.

As your employer representative, California Employment Training Funds will develop a curriculum based on the type of training your company needs. We will draft a proposal based on the number of employees being trained, the number of hours of training, then submit the proposal for reimbursement.

We do all the work to get funding with no upfront fee.
As your employer representative, California Employment Training Funds will brief the panel on your industry and company and make a recommendation to the panel to approve the contract for a predetermined amount.
• Up to 10% of funding added to develop the training proposal.
• Up to 13% of funding added for administrative costs to manage compliance.

• Funding is capped at 100k for small companies and $750K for large firms based on the number of trainees and hours of training
• Hours of training are 8 minimum and 200 maximum, per-trainee.

Funding is delivered in three progress payments, per-trainee
• 25% of total funding upon delivering the first 8 hours of training
• 50% of total funding upon completion of all training hours
• Remaining 25% at the end of job retention (90 consecutive days employment)

Funding is “performance based” under a 2-year contract with 3 performance standards
• Delivery of training hours per-trainee
• Job retention pertrainee
• Minimum wage paid post-retention pertrainee
• Wage requirements vary by region

Trend Analysis


Independent research supports the value of training, citing a $5 return on investment for every $1 invested in training as measured in the benefit to companies and workers that received training.

The State of California will fund that investment!